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Arbitration Place Virtual

eHearings: Dispute Resolution for the Digital Age

As all of us know, the COVID-19 situation is evolving daily. What is clear is that “normal” will not return for some time.  


For the continuing progress of dispute resolution, it is essential that technological solutions be used. The resolution of disputes – arbitrations and court proceedings – can carry on, adapt, and move forward in innovative ways, using cutting-edge technology that is available now.


The process of justice and commerce do not need to halt. To enable arbitrations, litigation, and mediations to continue – and continue safely – Arbitration Place is offering a new, exciting and important service for all types of hearings and proceedings – Arbitration Place Virtual.


Arbitration Place is a leader in dispute resolution support worldwide, with a track record of providing an innovative, all-encompassing approach to dispute resolution services. We are leveraging this expertise to offer an enhanced service, Arbitration Place Virtual, which we now offer for all types of dispute proceedings.



Arbitration Place Virtual provides dispute resolution services using an eHearing format – so that proceedings can be conducted in a completely remote fashion, or otherwise conducted in a partially remote fashion, incorporating physical hearing spaces that include required safety precautions.


Arbitration Place Virtual can be used for any type of dispute resolution proceeding, including:

  • Arbitrations

  • Mediations

  • Motions and procedural conferences

  • Examinations-for-discovery

  • Settlement conferences

  • A variety of other tasks that counsel, arbitrators and mediators perform (we can accommodate various requests - just ask).


Arbitration Place Virtual utilizes state-of-the-art videoconferencing software, as well as professional, high-end video communications hardware to facilitate a stable and seamless connection.


Arbitration Place Virtual will typically use Zoom for Business or TeleMerge for conferencing, but Arbitration Place can customize its technology offering to meet the size, complexity or preferences of any hearing.


Arbitration Place Virtual services also include Hearing Technology Specialists - an offering that is unique to Arbitration Place - who are trained to operate the hearing technology, so that counsel and the arbitrator(s) or mediator can focus solely on the case.  

Our Specialists will work with counsel and the arbitrator(s) or mediator, prior to a proceeding, to test-drive the technology, and provide easy-to-follow instructions for facilitating the most effective eHearing or proceeding experience.


The Arbitration Place Virtual platform allows hearings to be conducted online with the same features you would expect of any dispute resolution proceeding conducted on-site, including:

  • Live document display and sharing for all participants   

  • Real-time communication using high definition audio (voice) and video capabilities, as well as the option to join by telephone if preferred    

  • Control over who joins the hearing, with the assistance of our Hearing Technology Specialist 

  • An option for virtual “breakout” rooms, where arbitrators can conduct private deliberations

  • Space for up to 100 participants in the eHearing room

  • An option to use upgraded hardware equipment, such as high-end rotating cameras and headsets



Arbitration Place Virtual is available in relation to court litigation which cannot proceed due to the court closures and limitations.


All or part of a court case can be moved into arbitration easily and seamlessly, and conducted using customized arbitration procedures or the Rules of Civil Procedure and the rules of evidence, as the parties desire.


We also have an amazing roster of arbitrators, including many highly-experienced former judges, who are available for these cases.



Court reporting is available, including real-time reporting (in a distanced or remote manner), provided by ASAP Reporting Services, our affiliate.


The Arbitration Place Virtual platform also allows for hearings to be automatically recorded and transcribed. Hearing transcripts can be produced in the usual manner and in the usual timeframes.




Arbitration Place Virtual also offers on-site “distanced” participation, where all or most necessary participants can be at Arbitration Place safely.


Arbitration Place Virtual can provide videoconferencing with a higher quality camera that can rotate, wireless microphones, and the largest available hearing room, all to facilitate “distancing” among on-site participants.


The hearing rooms at Arbitration Place will be subject to enhanced cleaning in advance, and at various times during a longer hearing. Our trained Hearing Technology Specialists will also operate the hearing technology.



Please take a no-cost demonstration to see how Arbitration Place Virtual works – email our Director of Legal Innovation, Sarah Mohamed, at to make arrangements for you and, if you would like, others on your team.


With Arbitration Place Virtual, your clients’ litigation, arbitrations and mediations can continue - and in turn, you will be able to continue to generate revenue and return to a new “business as usual” in the digital age.