Think all court reporters are the same?
Think again

We are:

Our reporters hold NCRA and CSRAO certifications.


Our reporters have been booked on more than 6000 hours of proceeding since March 2020.


We hold the only real-time contract in Ontario, and have since 2007.


Our real-time reporters write in excess of 225 wpm with a 95% accuracy rate or higher.


Upon request, our reporters are able to fly anywhere to handle complex matters.


Some of our reporters have been with us since the beginning … April 1995.

Arbitration Place
Court Reporting Services.

Out-of-court examinations, arbitrations, certified court transcripts – to name a few. When booking one of our state-of-the-art hearing and examination rooms at Arbitration Place, you can rest assured that your transcript is in the best possible hands.  

Our Court Reporting and Productions team has deep Canadian roots, but our services are worldwide. We have reporters across Canada and can make arrangements to reach even the most remote of locations. Furthermore, our court reporters have ample experience in providing virtual reporting and transcript services over various videoconferencing platforms. We also maintain close relationships with top-tier reporting firms around the world to ensure that, regardless of where your proceeding is located, we have you covered.  

At Arbitration Place, many of our court reporters are graduates of a two-year steno typing program. Our reporters are all skilled in legal processes and procedures, such as describing an exhibit, organizing undertakings and indices, and treatment of non-verbal responses.  

We offer same-day turnaround. If you need it even faster, we also provide ...

Our reporters and staff are experienced with US-style depositions and have full videoconferencing capabilities. Simultaneous interpretation in dozens of languages can be arranged and we offer a full range of Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services for the hearing impaired.

We offer Ontario Certified Court Transcripts produced by our Authorized Court Transcriptionists (ACT). Since 2014, digital records have accounted for most of Ontario court proceedings. Litigants and other interested parties who wish to have a certified, admissible transcript of those proceedings must do so through an Authorized Court Transcriptionist.

Our Authorized Court Transcriptionists are highly trained and can produce transcripts within 24 hours of receiving all necessary information.  

We can arrange an ACT-certified reporter to attend your Ontario court proceeding and provide real-time and same-day transcription services. Contact us to learn more about our certified court transcripts and ACTs.

If any administrative or technical support is needed while joining us at our Arbitration Facilities in Toronto or Ottawa, or virtually through teleconferencing platforms, our staff can offer full support.

We will arrange for couriers to send and receive parcels, have copies printed and, if required, even hand-deliver an envelope in downtown Toronto or Ottawa.  

In addition to full video and teleconferencing capabilities, we have knowledgeable staff on hand for minor inconveniences and an IT company on contract 24/7 for more serious technical difficulties.

We tailor our services to your needs

If you want to know more about how we bundle our Arbitration Place Court Reporting services together with the rest of our services, ask Pawanjeet Kaur. She works with our reporters to ensure that your reporter booking is a success, while at the same time reducing total costs by cutting unnecessary items.

Where did ASAP Reporting Services go?

ASAP Reporting Services has now merged with Arbitration Place, its sister company. Arbitration Place Court Reporting has the same reporters, same services, and the same management that you know and trust—just this time with a different name and increased collaboration with the rest of Arbitration Place.