Our People

Our dedicated team all work together to ensure your matter is treated with absolute excellence.


Kimberley Stewart

Founder & CEO

Kimberley Stewart is a respected Canadian entrepreneur who founded and built three highly successful legal services businesses, including Arbitration Place. Kim goes above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. Talk to her if you would like to understand what makes Arbitration Place so special.


Genevieve Malette

Director of Client Care

Genevieve Mallette has a proven professional background in office administration, staff development, and project management with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Working closely with both staff and clients, she provides advice and consults with various departments as needed to ensure a successful delivery of services.


Liz Roberts

General Counsel

Liz is the General Counsel at Arbitration Place and is responsible for leading the company’s legal department and provides strategic legal advice on a full range of matters including regulatory compliance, governance, contracts and enterprise risk management. She also serves as Arbitral Secretary on domestic and international tribunals.


Neena Sukhram

Director of Operations

Neena Sukhram is the Director of Operations at Arbitration Place. She oversees the operation of all virtual hearings, in-house matters, hybrid proceedings, the reporting services branch and all staff. She is knowledgeable about equipment and the inner workings of Arbitration Place. She makes sure everything goes smoothly and soundly.


Glenda Asinas

Production Department

Glenda Asinas is knowledgeable about our reporting services. As a former paralegal, she understands the importance of transcript formatting and aims to provide the best customer service for client needs.


David Campbell

Arbitral Secretary

Over his 12 years of legal experience, David has been appointed to ICC, ICSID, and both domestic and international ad hoc tribunals. He has also served as counsel to expert reinsurance panels.


Heather D'Amour

Virtual Proceeding Specialist

Heather implements her strong legal knowledge to best address complex issues when they arise in the most contested of virtual proceedings. As a coordinator of our Arbitration Place Virtual Managers team, you can reach out to her to understand our virtual managers enact certain protocols in certain situations.


Sheila Gelvero

On-Site service Specialist

Sheila Gelvero is the Toronto office master of curating snacks. She provides exceptional customer service for catering needs as well as administrative tasks.


Geoffrey Hill

Junior Project Manager

Geoffrey manages projects of all kinds at Arbitration Place. He has his hand in commercial, legal, and technological endeavors. He is the principal manager of the content and functionality of our new website. Reach out to him with any ideas for website improvement.


Pawanjeet Kaur

Practice Assistant

Being a licensed paralegal, Pawanjeet Kaur works directly with several of our in-house Arbitrators. She is also highly knowledgeable about Arbitration Place's bookings, accounts, and invoices.


Christina Ma

Articling Student

Christina Ma is an Articling Student and part of the legal team at Arbitration Place. She recently received her J.D. from Peter A. Allard School of Law and worked full time at Arbitration Place as a Virtual Case Manager during her third year of law school.


Julia Mazurick

Client Care Specialist

Julia Mazurick is knowledgeable about all things related to virtual hearings and in-house bookings. She works closely with our virtual case managers to provide the best hearing experience. There is no one better to contact if you want an emergency situation resolved.


Nicole Richard

Bookings & Legal Assistant

Nicole Richard is a legal assistant at Arbitration Place. She is tasked with coordinating rehearsals and hearings for Superior and Divisional court matters as well as various administrative tribunals such as Professional Engineers of Ontario and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.


Raven Schofield

Associate General Counsel

Raven is the Associate General Counsel at Arbitration Place. She provides oversight of the company’s regulatory, transactional and legal services, as well as provides general legal advice and support to the company. She also serves as Arbitral Secretary to tribunals on international and domestic commercial arbitrations.


Silvia Spirchez

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Silvia Spirchez is a trained paralegal. She currently provides assistance to the accounting department as a bookkeeper.