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We host 10000 clients per year.

Want to learn how we provide support every step of the way?

With purpose-built hearing rooms and sound-proofed walls, rest assured that nothing confidential is heard by any unintended parties. Still unsure? We can set you up in a windowless room for maximum privacy.

In downtown Toronto and Ottawa, our world-class facilities have over 24,000 sq ft of office space and 32 meeting rooms. Do you still want to attend an on-site or hybrid meeting, but are in Europe or Asia? Conduct your matter in London or Singapore through our International Arbitration Centre Alliance.

Enjoy working with our excellent court reporters, transcriptionist, translators, arbitral secretaries, and many other specialized AP staff when you come into our facilities. We can provide a roster of team members tailored to your needs, whether you need technical support or other specialized support.

Our office experts provide support for you every step of the way. From set-up to take down, from HD displays to white noise machines, let us take the load off. We also provide all-day on-site troubleshooting and technical assistance to make sure you can focus on presenting your case, and not on technology.

Part of our all-encompassing approach means that we try and make every aspect of your visit pleasurable. Do you need food recommendations? Want to know which hotels have the best amenities? We will set you up. Whether you need something urgent, like last-minute printing of a decisive exhibit, or something as innocent as a slice of our famous banana bread, we can help with that. Ask us and we will go above and beyond.

All-Encompassing Approach

Concierge-like support.

Whether you need a new monitor, some extra help with the virtual world, a slice of our famous banana bread, a last-minute court reporter, or a translator who speaks your client's language, we can help with that. Our clients often tell us we've thought of everything, but the truth is, we never stop thinking of ways to improve your experience.

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Your safety is our priority.

Spacious boardrooms, temperature checks, social-distancing measures, and many other protocols to ensure that your visit on-site is a safe one. We make sure we are always COVID-19 compliant, but we never compromise on our all-encompassing support.

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