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Megan Keenberg, C.S., Q. Arb., Q. Med., joined Arbitration Place as a member of its inaugural NextGen Roster of arbitrators in 2021. In 2022, she joined the ranks of the Main Roster, bringing with her a fresh perspective and a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution in both mediation and arbitration. Megan draws on her substantial legal experience as a commercial litigator, her acute business sense as a successful entrepreneur, and her astute people-reading skills honed as a professional actor to inform her dispute resolution practice. Her unique history gives Megan sharp insights into the human factors that drive business decisions. It also makes her a highly attuned assessor of credibility, motive, and underlying interests. As an arbitrator, she is dedicated to ensuring process efficiency and cost-effectiveness. She is a pioneer in the innovative use of Case Management Arbitration to assist litigants in moving their cases forward through procedural matters on timetables that are far more expedient than the courts can currently offer. As a mediator, she defines and views disputes in new ways that allow for creative, win-win settlement opportunities. Megan’s innovative and rigorous approach to dispute resolution has made her the neutral of choice for many leading practitioners and litigants alike.

Megan maintains a mediation and arbitration practice focused broadly on business disputes arising from a wide variety of sectors including Agriculture, Art & Design, Automotive, Commercial Property Management, Entertainment & Media, Finance & Lending, Forestry, Manufacturing, Medical/ Dental Practices, Mining, Oil & Gas, Retail, Real Estate Development, and Technology.

Megan Keenberg’s neutral practice is founded on advanced education and specialized training and informed by her lengthy career as a commercial litigator. After a decade on Bay Street, Megan co-founded a boutique commercial litigation and employment firm in 2017, and in 2023, she founded Keenberg & Co, a modern woman-owned commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation firm. In 2018, she attained the designation of Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation from the Law Society of Ontario. Megan has substantial experience in the advancement, defence, management, and resolution of complex commercial claims, including multi-party disputes. Her litigation clients include private and public corporations, directors and officers, shareholders, creditors, partnerships, business owners/ employers, executives, and other individuals with business or professional claims.  

Megan holds a Master of Laws from Osgoode specializing in Dispute Resolution. In 2019, she completed the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society’s prestigious Gold Standard Course on commercial arbitration and has since returned as Principal Faculty teaching the Course. Megan is designated as a Qualified Mediator and a Qualified Arbitrator by the ADR Institute of Ontario and the ADR Institute of Canada. She is an active member of The Advocates’ Society, the ADR Institute of Canada, the ADR Institute of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, and the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society. A leading speaker, Megan is frequently asked to chair and speak at seminars geared towards advocates and ADR practitioners.

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