Digital Library

Our digital library will provide you with information and articles related to the field of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Please use the links below to navigate the digital library, or use the search box to quickly find what you are looking for. We are continuously in the process of updating our content; please contact us if you are interested in adding relevant information.


Here you will find a collection of articles on the subject of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution written by some of Canada’s and the world’s leading experts, including many of our own member and resident arbitrators. If you are interested in being published on our website, please send us your articles for review.


Our guidelines section includes relevant rules and guidelines issued by international organizations such as the International Bar Association (IBA) which assist parties and arbitrators in arbitral proceedings.

Legislation and Conventions

We maintain an up-to-date database of several important domestic and international pieces of legislation that govern the rules of arbitration. Many of these are annotated with related domestic legal cases.


Here you will find other documents that are related to the field of arbitration, such as international conventions governing trade and commerce.

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