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Arbitration Place was originally founded in Toronto, and with good reason. As Canada's financial capital, the Toronto region is a global economic powerhouse with over six million residents. One of the world's most multicultural cities, Toronto is connected by direct flights to over 150 international cities, and offers first-class hotels, restaurants and attractions - all of which is put at your fingertips by Arbitration Place's helpful staff. 

Browse the photos below to take a tour through our Toronto facility. 


Arbitration Place recently opened its second facility in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Through its affiliated service provider, ASAP Reporting Services Inc., Arbitration Place already has deep roots in the National Capital Region. As a dynamic city where business and government meet, Ottawa is poised for rapid growth in arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, particularly in the areas of international trade and investment, government procurement, and infrastructure. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art facilities in Ottawa's premier commercial address, the World Exchange Plaza:


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Arbitration Place Toronto


Bay Adelaide Centre West

333 Bay Street, Suite 900

Toronto ON M5H 2R2

T: +1 416.848.0203

F: +1 416.850.5316

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Arbitration Place Ottawa 


World Exchange Plaza 

100 Queen Street, Suite 940

Ottawa ON K1P 1J9

T: +1 613.288.0228

F: +1 613.564.7756

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