ACICA/CIArb Virtual Conference - Bridging the Distance: Arbitration in the New Normal

EVENT DATE: 12 OCTOBER 2020 The Australian Centre of International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Australia (CIArb Australia) are delighted to invite you to their 2020 International Arbitration Conference: Bridging the Distance: Arbitration in the New Normal. To view the conference programme and to register for the event, view the ACICA/CIArb's poster below!

AP, ICDR, & ICDR Canada Presents: Predicting the Future of Commercial Dispute Resolution

September 22nd, 2020 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM A 3-segment interactive webinar in which participants will analyze, predict, discuss and debate an array of issues relating to how commercial dispute resolution will evolve longer-term beyond the COVID-19 pandemic First, participants will discuss a range key questions and issues in a moderated small group setting Second, then all participants will join together in an open forum that will include polling questions and feedback shared by moderators from the small group discussions Third, the concluding segment will feature a keynote speaker addressing themes and issues arising in the first two segments For more information and to register for the event

Read Jeffrey Leon's Two-Part Article: Court vs. Commercial Arbitration After COVID

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International Law Weekend - 2020

Arbitration Place to host: International Law in Challenging Times From shifting political alliances to changing trade and economic relations, the world around us is undergoing profound transformations. The backlash against globalization has resulted in increased suspicion of multilateralism – and escalating populism. Yet, the world is more interconnected than ever. Our economic system relies on interconnectivity. To stop the spread of the coronavirus and address climate change, international coordination is paramount. What is the role of international law in this changing and often contradictory world? What could and should international lawyers do? How can international institutions become

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