The New Adjudication Regime: What You Need to Know

The Society of Construction Law of North America is holding a Special Breakfast and Panel Discussion. As the implementation of the adjudication regime approaches, learn about best practices, potential issues and keys to success from those with practical knowledge and first-hand experience. The panel discussion will focus on the practical aspects of what it takes to get an adjudication off the ground in 30 days from the perspective of various stakeholders: outside counsel, consultants, contractors, and owners. Speakers will include global industry leaders with experience in adjudication: Moderator: Charles Powell - Glaholt LLP Sharon Vogel - Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP Richard Baile

Choice of Law in International Contracts: a Roundtable Lunch with the Stakeholders

Member arbitrator Louise Barrington will be participating in the event Choice of Law in International Contracts: a Roundtable Lunch with the Stakeholders on April 15, 2019, at Hotel Regina, Vienna. This event is hosted by Eleven International Publishing in honour of the publication of Dr Moser's book Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-Border Sales. Click here for further details of the event. Registrations are free of charge and can be made through this link. Topics: Choice of law and Brexit Drafting choice of law clauses CISG status and prospects

Barry Leon joins Arbitrators@33BedfordRow

Arbitration Place proudly announces that Member Arbitrator Barry Leon is one of six independent arbitrators joining a newly opened wing of London chambers 33 Bedford Row. The new wing – known as Arbitrators@33BedfordRow – was announced last week. While Barry Leon will continue as an independent arbitrator and mediator at Arbitration Place and in the Caribbean with Caribbean Arbitrators based in BVI, he is looking forward to more time in London with Arbitrators@33BedfordRow. To read the full announcement by Global Arbitration Review, please click here.

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