Why Canada?

It is a politically and financially stable country, with a fair and transparent court system and a judiciary that has demonstrated a willingness to enforce arbitration agreements and arbitral awards. With its reputation for impartiality and neutrality, it also has all the advantages of being right next to the United States, one of the world’s business epicenters.

Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city, is an easy one-hour flight from New York and Washington and has multiple direct flights daily to most major world capitals. Europe, Latin America and Asia are closer than you might think. Top-end hotel—like counsel rates—are lower than the corresponding rates in the United States, United Kingdom and Continental Europe, making Toronto a smart choice on many different levels.

Toronto is Canada’s financial capital, home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and to many large corporations. Toronto houses more corporate head offices than any other Canadian city. Forbes has ranked it the tenth-most economically powerful city in the world and one of the fastest growing among the G7 nations.

In 2009, the United Nations named Toronto “the most diverse city in the world.” Greater Toronto has over six-million residents, almost exactly half born outside Canada. That has resulted in a cosmopolitan atmosphere and exciting and diverse restaurants. You will find three Chinatowns, two large East Indian neighbourhoods, a vibrant Portuguese quarter, a “Little Malta,” the largest Italian population outside of Italy, and restaurants and shops covering almost every country in the world.

Toronto is also one of the world’s safest cities. You can feel free to walk around the downtown after hours. It is consistently rated as one of the world’s most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

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Canada is a bi-juridical jurisdiction, accustomed to dealing with both common law and civil law disputes.