Support and Resources

Administrative Support

Reception Desk

Whether you spend days or weeks at Arbitration Place, we recognize that you will need administrative support while you are here. Our administrative staff is on it.

We will arrange for couriers to send and receive parcels, have copies printed and, if required, assemble documents and even hand-deliver them in downtown Toronto. We will arrange for faxes and restock a supply of your favourite pens, whatever you require.

We realize that while you are with us, you may also have to deal with matters aside from the arbitration at hand. We can liaise with your office where needed to become an extension of your support team. You can have your assistant email documents to us, and we will print them and make sure you get them quickly. Our administrative support is just that — full support. Just consider it part of our all-encompassing approach.

Technical Support

Arbitration Place support staff is on hand to resolve any technical problems you may have. We have an IT company on contract 24/7 so, if it’s beyond our own capabilities, help is never more than a phone call away. That means you are never on your own with a technical conundrum.

If you need a plug or cord for your computer at the last minute, we have many on hand. If not, a member of our concierge staff will pick one up. No technical issue is too big or too small. Whatever it is, we have you covered.


Professional Support

Professional Support

Arbitration Place offers its arbitrators the services of a tribunal secretary, or clerk, to assist in the proceedings whether by researching legal issues or assisting with the management of the arbitration. The level of support can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the parties, and of the tribunal.

One of the key benefits to the parties of having a secretary to the tribunal is that a junior lawyer carries out non-adjudicative tasks that members of the tribunal would otherwise perform themselves, and does so at a fraction of the cost.





Arbitration Place has a fully equipped commercial kitchen and a staff chef. When you book with us, breakfast, lunch and snacks are all included in our service. That means you can expect home-baked muffins, fresh fruit and good coffee in the morning. Lunch? How about roast beef with caramelized-onion horseradish or smoked salmon and goat cheese with lemon caper aioli sandwiches? Yes, we take special requests. We can serve soup when it is cold and fresh salads when it is sweltering.

Having our offices in the heart of Toronto’s financial district means we have access to an array of fine restaurants right outside our building. If you want a special working lunch we can bring it in from a variety of fine restaurants including Bymark, Canoe, Jump, Ki or Rodney’s Oyster Bar and serve it right from our own kitchen.

Either way, you will be working and you will be well fed.


At Arbitration Place, our concierge staff is there to help with anything you need. They are key to our all-encompassing approach. Our team will be happy to book your hotel, make dinner recommendations and reservations, or get you tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays or Toronto FC game. If you are away from home, we can take care of your dry cleaning and even arrange a quick hemming job or a button to be replaced.

Need to get on an earlier flight? No problem. We will book it and email your assistant with your changed travel plans. Is it raining? We can loan you an umbrella. Feel like a cappuccino? Just let us know, we will make it and deliver it to your seat. A team member will run down to a drugstore to pick up some Tylenol if one of the parties is giving you a headache, or make sure we have fresh apples on hand if that is your snack of choice.

We will also make and distribute copies, pick up and deliver documents, make courier arrangements, and liaise with your assistant in order to make our office an extension of your own. When you are with us, our staff is your staff. We will get it done.