You make the arguments. Leave the rest to us.

It starts with the calibre of our internationally renowned resident and member arbitrators. It continues with our state-of-the-art hearing rooms, concierge-level administrative services and in-house legal support. Welcome to Arbitration Place, designed as the perfect environment for your hearing.

Attention to detail is our hallmark. We have on-site court-reporting, simultaneous-translation services, superb administrative assistants and around-the-clock technical support. Leave nothing to chance: We have combined all the resources needed to make an arbitration run smoothly in one seamless operation.

No detail is too small. Our staff will make copies, make coffee, make lunch in our on-site commercial kitchen or even serve dinner from some of downtown Toronto’s finest restaurants, which sit at our feet in the heart of the financial district. Our concierge team will make your travel arrangements, hotel reservations, arrange for parcel delivery, videoconferencing, and even plug in your computer if you’re not technologically inclined.

We have all the resources to make an arbitration run smoothly. We do everything but make your case, leaving you free to worry about what is really important.



Arbitration Place is a one-stop destination with 360-degree arbitration support and services. That’s what we mean by our “all-encompassing approach.”

Our roster of resident arbitrators would be considered top flight anywhere in the world, as would the highly regarded member arbitrators who frequently work on our premises. If you have another arbitrator in mind, we offer temporary offices and full administrative support for guest arbitrators.

All arbitrators–whether member, resident or guest–and all arbitration counsel have access to our library of arbitration resources as well as to our in-house counsel who can act as secretary, or clerk, to the tribunal. Whether you are booking a hearing or booking an arbitrator, arranging for court reporting or simultaneous translation, everything at Arbitration Place is seamless.

In addition, Arbitration Place now offers Appeal and Review Rules to help you achieve the best result. For more information on the host of services Arbitration Place offers for your appeal or review, click here.

Booking your arbitration with us is the second most important decision in your case, and it is a decision you can make.

Court Reporting

Arbitration Place has ASAP Reporting Services Inc., a top international court reporting service, housed on-site. ASAP offers a full portfolio of court reporting and videography services. Its personnel have the highest certification standard and are extremely experienced in working on arbitrations.

We offer a range of transcription services including real-time coverage that allow you to access the transcript (and even take notes) as the arbitration is happening. Our stenographers can have rough drafts available at the end of each day and can even make the official transcript available, if requested, before the start of the next day’s proceedings.

Our ability to provide real-time text with audio or video streaming over the internet means you can broadcast live from the hearing room to anyone you authorize, anywhere in the world.

Whichever options you select, having the service on-site means you have access to court reporters around-the-clock, even on extremely short notice. We will also try to ensure the reporter assigned to your arbitration is experienced in the subject matter and familiar with the industry terminology. Consider it one less thing to worry about.

Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation

TranslationArbitration Place can access simultaneous interpreters and arrange for a sound-proof booth and all the necessary technology to be up and running for the start of your hearing.

Whether you need interpreters who speak French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic (or any other language) we can arrange it. We offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretation as well as translation services.

You can count on us to make sure that language is not a barrier to a successful result.


Communication Access Real-Time Translation

At Arbitration Place, we can easily arrange for Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) captioning or closed-captioning for the hearing impaired or anyone hard of hearing.

We can even arrange to have a live monitor on-site, where required, to take down everything being said as well as environmental cues such as laughter, sarcasm, or a hand slamming on the table.

That ensures everyone in the room, including those with hearing challenges, are full and active participants in the proceedings.


Arbitration Place has both a virtual library, with access to digital and online resources, and a physical library with many authorities on both domestic and international arbitration.

The library is where you can go during a break to look something up. Or, you are welcome to come in and just read the daily newspapers or review your hearing materials if you are looking for somewhere quiet.