Kimberley Stewart – CEO and Founder

Kimberley Stewart is a respected Canadian entrepreneur who built two highly successful legal services businesses before founding Arbitration Place. Ms. Stewart has demonstrated strength in identifying service gaps in the established model and developing business solutions to address them.She took on the Arbitration Place project because she felt that despite having so many excellent arbitrators who are recognized and employed around the world, Canada lacked a top-level arbitration facility — one based on providing 360-degree service. So she set out to design a combination of sleek office space, state-of-the art technology and superb concierge-level support that would become an international and Canadian arbitration destination.

Ms. Stewart’s hallmark is attention to detail and she leads by example. She is committed to providing exceptional customer service. She expects her team to maintain the highest standards and, at the same time, constantly look for ways to innovate. From the high calibre of resident and member arbitrators to having on-site court reporters, a secretary/clerk to the tribunal, and an in-house chef, every aspect of Arbitration Place has been well-thought out and meticulously executed with the users in mind.

Daniel Dawalibi – General Counsel & Arbitral Secretary

Daniel Dawalibi joined Arbitration Place after building a busy practice with the litigation group of a leading national law firm, where he provided business-minded counsel across a wide range of industries, and successfully represented clients before various mediators, arbitrators, administrative tribunals and all levels of court in Ontario.

In his role as Arbitral Secretary, Mr. Dawalibi brings his strong legal and administrative skills, diverse academic background and international experience to bear in assisting our world-class arbitrators in the management and support of ongoing Arbitral Tribunals. As General Counsel, he manages a broad range of legal affairs on behalf of Arbitration Place and its sister company, ASAP Reporting Services.