Barry Michael Fisher

Barry Michael Fisher is Principal and Chief Innovation Officer at Avōkka LLP. He represents and works with companies as an independent legal advisor embedded within their senior management teams. Avōkka serves as an outsourced in-house law department for mid-sized public and privately-held companies.

Following call to the Bar in Ontario and a judicial clerkship, Barry began his career practicing corporate securities and international law with a large law firm in the United States Midwest. He returned to Canada and practiced Canadian law with major law firms, and as a Foreign Legal Consultant opened the Toronto office of his U.S. law firm.

Barry holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Philosophy, and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. As well, he earned an LL.M. while in the United States.

Barry has served as arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association on several international commercial arbitrations, has been designated as Chartered Arbitrator by the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada, and was a member of its Executive Committee, and Vice-President & Chair of its Liaison Committee. He currently serves as a Member of the Canadian Advisory Committee International Centre for Dispute Resolution, and was recently named to the International Chamber of Commerce Consultative Task Force for the Working Group on the Roles of In-house Counsel in Dispute Resolution.

He is a frequent speaker on the subject of arbitration, most recently on the Plenary Panel at 2012 Canadian Corporate Counsel Association World Summit on “Making the Most of International Commercial Arbitration.”